105 Days of Summer Vacation

This is a record of my daily (well, generally) life in college. I study Advertising and sociology at Texas Tech University. Hoping for minors in Russian Language and Forensic Science. I really like photography. So yeah, this is pretty much my life.

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, sorry about that. I’m not sure how much I’ll be using this blog in the future, either.

However, I’m actively using collegeavisual.tumblr.com for the pictures I take, and tomorrow I leave for a semester in St. Petersburg, Russia! If anyone is interested, I am using mrsmithgoestorussia.tumblr.com to keep track of all my adventures! I promise that one will be updated at least weekly (if not I won’t get credit for my honors stuff)! It will definitely have weekly summaries and probably pictures. In case I don’t put many pictures there, you can always check collegeavisual.tumblr.com as it will have every picture I take!

Anyway, thanks for following me!

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Summer: Day Seven

  • Woke up way too early and finished packing, then went to my dad’s school to print some stuff off
  • From there we went to Jack-in-the-Box for breakfast and then next door to wait for the shuttle to DFW airport
  • There we checked in and had to pay more for my bag because it was 68 pounds and not 40…oh well
  • Our flight got delayed 30 minutes so we didn’t get on till 2…and then we were stuck on the runway for almost another two hours while it rained and stuff
  • At least we sat next to a girl who was pretty cool; she is a psychology major focusing in criminal justice from Delaware who goes to school at A&M Commerce
  • Eventually we took off
  • I slept pretty much the whole plane ride
  • After we landed, we grabbed our bag and hopped on the shuttle to enterprise where we got a gunmetal gray Ford Fusion that is really pretty and wonderful
  • Headed to the hotel…which is apparently in a super sketch neighborhood…
  • The keys didn’t work after like five tries of going back and forth to the counter, so we got a new room which is a little better
  • We threw the suitcase into the room and left for dinner
  • Ended up at Ruby Tuesday’s where I got French Quarter Gumbo which was actually really awesome
  • Back at the hotel we watched some documentary thing about female basketball players and then went to sleep at a moderately reasonable time
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Summer: Day Six

  • Ended up waking up at four…not at eleven so I missed hanging out with everyone I thought I was going to hang out with
  • Picked Taryn up from school
  • Met Avery to hang out at Braum’s for a little bit. They have SEVEN new flavors of chocolate ice cream! They’re all wonderful.
  • Took Avery back to my house to give her a few TV shows and movies which didn’t transfer fast enough so I’ll have to return it to her later…
  • My family left to get food at Jack-in-the-Box then go to Cinemark Legacy 
  • We met the Doughertys and Sherrills there to see The Ice Man
  • It was pretty good, more so because I got to make fun of Megan (she plays Betsy in the movie) the whole time
  • After the movie we took a whole bunch of pictures and headed home
  • I packed and watched more of Malcolm in the Middle 
  • Eventually I went to bed…I’m really bad at doing that
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Summer: Day Five

  • Went to church…late…sat through the second class, but spent the third in the library talking to my mom because I didn’t want to go to class and she was stuck there
  • At home I had Mama Rita’s chips and salsa  before the home teachers came over
  • I really dislike one of them because he’s stupid and his opinions are dumb and he doesn’t shut up and I couldn’t let him be right so I just argued with him for a while
  • Eventually he left and I ranted about it for an hour
  • He should not come back
  • When they left, my dad started grilling burgers, which were awesome
  • After burgers, I sat on the couch, then got up to take Taryn to some church fireside thing in Plano
  • While she was there, I drove over to a park and played Pokemon 
  • Kendall and Grant came to say hi to me after the fireside which was cool because I haven’t seen them in a while
  • Then I drove home and nothing else happened because I’m boring
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Summer: Day Four

  • Ended up sleeping till three…Taryn woke me up because she wanted to hang out with me before she and her friends left
  • They made me watch The Fourth Kind, which is not an ok movie and now I don’t want to leave my room ever again
  • Then they all left…and I was alone…and that was not ok at all
  • My parents came home a little later and took me out to dinner at Pie Five
  • Then we went to Willowbend and wandered around for a while
  • When we got home, I left to meet Megan and Connie at Kid’s Corral where we sat on the swings for a second, then got bored and went to Marble Slab for ice cream: sweet cream and chocolate swiss with a kit-kat mix-in
  • We sat outside for a few hours until a bunch of people came and decided that they needed to meet up and go insane in the parking lot which attracted the attention of not one, but FOUR cops who came over to break it up
  • They kicked me, Megan, and Connie off the premises, along with the other people who were actually being obnoxious and annoying
  • It was really stupid because they blocked us in so we just had to sit there and wait for them to move so that we could
  • It’s not like we were doing anything wrong at all and had those idiots not been there, no one would have even noticed we were there…why did they even need four cops? NOTHING WAS GOING ON AT ALLLLL. Whatever.
  • Megan dropped me off back at my house where I proceeded to do practically nothing but managed to stay up until seven…
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Summer: Day Three

I woke up about nine when Graham and Brolin scream attacked me on the couch. Immediately, Graham made me play Mario Kart. Of course, I didn’t have in my contacts and I was only semi-conscious, but I still managed to get sixth place. After that, I told Graham I was done and went back to sleep till eleven when Becky got back. They all left and I showered. My dad, Lisa, and I packed up his truck and my car, then headed out. Dad bought me gas which was really great. It was even the slightly better quality kind because that station had had an excess and it was the same price as the regular, woo! Got Chick-fil-A then met my dad at Taco Villa.

Aaaaand that started the really long drive back to Dallas. When we got to Fort Worth, my dad got pulled over, but he didn’t get a ticket, thankfully. I don’t know why he got pulled over though, he was definitely not the fastest moving car in the vicinity. Oh well. Hit traffic (which I forgot was a thing because I’ve been in Lubbock for so long) that sucked for probably ten miles, then cleared up around Cooper Street in Arlington. When we finally made it back home, I had to wait in the Office Depot parking lot for my dad to catch up so I could get Lisa’s suitcase out of his truck. After that I dropped Lisa at her house and talked to her mom for a bit.

When I finally got home, my parents helped me unload everything before taking me dinner at Cafe Brazil. It was really great because Taryn wasn’t there so we didn’t have anyone argue against it! I really enjoy food that I don’t have to pay for.

I picked Taryn up from her theatre banquet after dinner. My parents were watching the series finale to The Office when I got back. Connie told me that I needed to watch it, so I did. OH MY GOSH NOT OK. IT WAS PERFECT AND THEN I WAS REALLY SAD AND IT WAS REALLY UPSETTING AND PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL AND JUSTICAN’TEVENBECAUSEOHMYGOSH. Wow. It was really really wonderful and it nearly made me cry, which is really hard because I don’t have a soul or a heart or anything. Yes. Good job. I even watched the “making of” show after it. Geez. This show.

Everyone went to bed when it ended, but I stayed up (till nearly seven in the morning) to unpack, which actually means that I set up all of my electronics, watched Malcolm in the Middle, made my bed, and all around did nothing at all.

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Summer: Day Two

  • Graham and Brolin attacked me at eight in the morning and started playing Mario Kart…they left for school an hour later
  • I woke up again at five
  • Dropped off my application for an international student ID at the ICC
  • Found Dani on campus and said by to her for an hour
  • Met up with Christy, Wesli, Cory, and Brittany at Spanky’s for dinner
  • We stayed till closing, then hung around outside for another two hours
  • Christy kept freaking out about bugs and screaming and running around
  • Took Brittany back to her apartment and headed to Becky’s
  • My dad was still up when we got there, so I talked to him for a few minutes before he fell asleep
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