105 Days of Summer Vacation

This is a record of my daily (well, generally) life in college. I study Advertising and sociology at Texas Tech University. Hoping for minors in Russian Language and Forensic Science. I really like photography. So yeah, this is pretty much my life.

Day 113

Set an alarm for 6:05. Got up.

Reset my alarm for 6:20. Went to sleep.

Phone alarm went off at 6:15. Turned those off until 6:35.

Alarm went off at 6:20. Woke up. 

Reset my alarm for 6:45. Went to sleep.

Phone alarm went off at 6:35. Turned it off.

Alarm went off at 6:45. Got up and showered.

Headed to the Mass Comm building for my first final. It was more of my fourth exam, but it counts as a final. It wasn’t so bad, there were a few questions that were irritating, but I hope I got at least a 90 so that I can keep an “A”. Almost fell down all of the seats while trying to turn in my test, that was great.

Decided to do my laundry because the place was empty and I use at least five washers. Travis had just gotten up when I tried to move my stuff out. We argued about room temperature. He said that the heater was broken, about which I am not even the slightest bit upset, and I said good. He went off about how I have environment to be cold, he only has the heater. I said he should sleep in more than just his underwear and a sheet maybe then he wouldn’t be so cold. Seriously, I went in yesterday, while he was taking his third shower (while only having been up for maybe four hours, maybe): it was 92 degrees and muggy; he likes to leave the bathroom door open for all occasions, all of them. It was disgustingly hot in there, yet he says he’s a “cold” person. Ridiculous. I told him that 92 was a bit ridiculous. He said that it was better than my sub-zero window open temperature. I checked the temperature in the room this morning: 67.5, not even close to sub-zero. Then he decided that somehow 67.5 was farther away from room temperature (75) than was 92. Now I’m certainly not a math major, but I’m pretty sure that eight degrees is a lot less than seventeen. Just saying. 

Laundry is relaxing. I just get to sit there and do whatever I want while I wait for it to finish. All alone. It’s great.

Marian and Meredith came by to steal my headphones but ended up deciding that we should do P90X in Marian’s room instead. Plyometrics is the worst thing ever. We had so much not fun: it hurt so much. I hate plyo; my knees are terrible.


Headed downstairs to meet up with Austin, Jared, Meredith, and Meredith. We drove to this place, Indian Palace, and met Neal in his car. 

  • Indian food was pretty good
  • Eventful at least
  • Joined Wesli and crew in the hallway when we got back
  • Decided to play Quelf
  • Went to Chili’s
  • Drank six Dr. Peppers in like twenty minutes: after my first three, the waiter brought three at once
  • Shared Red Velvet Molten Lava Cake with Wesli
  • Back to Gordon
  • Talked to Brittany
  • People got hungry again and left
  • I had Super-Secret-Best-Friend-Time with Wesli, Shawn, Marilee, and Melissa while they were gone
  • When they got back, Wesli and I started planning what to do for my psychopathy photos
  • Eventually made it to bed
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